Double Tap Design’s 3d printed H&K MK23 Socom holster

When I received a message from Sebastian at Double Tap Designs asking if I would like to review their high tech new MK23 holster I was really excited! I’d been following the developement progress online and jumped at the chance to try one out!

 Available from Socom Tactical this is a really well designed bit of kit, designed from scratch to fit the airsoft replica of the H&K MK23.

The MK23 is a large framed pistol roughly the size of a Desert Eagle and suffers from a lack of suitable holsters.

Currently there are very few quality holsters available, Safariland MK23 holsters in the UK  cost around £140 (way out of my price range) and only hold the pistol without accessories, the DTD is very different, it will hold the pistol with or without silencer and torch or laser and even with slide mounted optics!

The molle mounting attachment is very cleverly designed and only adds around 10mm to the overall thickness of the holster.

This works well on a flat molle panel such as a plate carrier or chestrig “bib”

However it doesn’t suit mounting on top of pouches as you can see it sticks out a lot more even on a single layer of shingles.

The whole assembly is around 80 mm deep.

The molle mounting system is very clever, it uses a ratchet system and 2 hooks to fit straight onto molle system or a nice rigid pistol belt in seconds, its very secure and attaches / detaches / adjusts in seconds.

 It will also rotate 360 degrees and lock in 11 different positions just by loosening a single 40mm Allan bolt

This holster is an active retention style where the pistol locks into place around the trigger guard (blocking the trigger) and is released by pressing down with the thumb on an aggressively contoured button.
This locking system works well even wearing gloves!

Overall this is a very solid well designed versatile holster which looks set to answer a the prayers of a large number of frustrated MK23 fans.

In summary

Very secure

Various mounting options molle/belt

Accepts silencer/LAM/Tactical light/Laser etc

Quick draw 

Available in other colours.

The only negatives I could find.

It’s an open holster by design but sadly this means it won’t protect the pistol from mud and branches in a woodland environment, especially if chest mounted (as a few of our ghillie suited players like to carry) it also means that it’s possible that the ambi mag release can get caught and dump the mag by accident.

I’ll feed that back and see if they could add a small block to the body of the holster to prevent the catch moving.

This is a superb product from an up and coming design team whose 3d printed kit is going to make a lot of airsofters very happy!

Check out their Facebook page for more information.

Their video here.


10 thoughts on “Double Tap Design’s 3d printed H&K MK23 Socom holster

  1. Jim – thanks for such a thorough review!

    The ability to remove the magazine without having to draw the gun from the holster might actually suit players entering a safe zone on a regular basis, but we hadn’t considered the inconvenience this might present to snipers crawling through bushes. We’ll make a note to print you a custom trigger guard boss at some point, with an extra catch to prevent movement of the mag release while the gun is in the holster.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I only mentioned the mag catch because I remember a flurry of posts in the MK23 group about losing magazines a while back, I’ve never lost a mag out of a pistol in the field but I know a couple of guys who now tape the mag in…


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